Journal of Korea Society of Waste Management

Check List For Authors

General Comments

  • 1. Type of paper: Submitted article is a technical note, original research paper, or short communications with subjects of governmental regulations and policy analysis, and a critical review on new concept?
  • 2. Contents of paper: Submitted article include the technology or method with originality, logical approach of method, collection and analysis of data through experimental method approved by similar academic society, discussion of results, and conclusions?
  • 3. Keyword: Have you searched for key words provided by authors?

Specific Comments

  • 1. Article is written in the order; introduction including background of study and purpose of experiment, experiment including materials and methods, discussion of results and conclusion?
  • 2. Article well describes the purpose of work, theoretical background, and assumptions to support the study?
  • 3. Article well describes the study on the subjects and main ideas, and the information on the experiments such as standards on why include or not include, data collection time, location of experiment, method of data collection, how to select data?
  • 4. Article well describes the experimental method, equipment, and materials used for the study?
  • 5. Article well describes the logics of experimental method with related references?
  • 6. Data presentation is appropriate in terms of unit and data analysis in graphs?
  • 7. Data analysis is performed with an officially-proven statistical method?
  • 8. Data collection is based on a theoretical logic in a statistical method or on an experimental logic?
  • 9. Experimental method and analytical method of data are described in a flow diagram or organized method?
  • 10. Results are presented in well-organized tables and figures?
  • 11. In discussion and results, any redundant contents are shown as presented in introduction?
  • 12. Results include environmental aspects, economic viewpoints, and contributable points to society and local community?
  • 13. Article describes limiting factors of study, possible drawbacks, inaccuracy of experiments, and comparison with other technologies?
  • 14. Results are within the scope of work and the purpose of study?
  • 15. Article is prepared with a number of references with similar topic and subjects?


  • 1. References are in accordance with the journal format and style?
  • 2. Order of references is same as appeared in text?
  • 3. Authors used the references from the journal?

Tables and Figures

  • 1. Tables and figures are in accordance with the journal format and style?
  • 2. Experimental data and test results are properly presented in tables and figures?